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Ali Abdullah Saleh

Yemeni opposition general rejects plan to keep Saleh in power

Ali Abdullah Saleh 55%


The top general in the Yemeni opposition says he rejects a new proposal that would allow the country's embattled President Ali Abdullah Saleh to remain in power until a new leader is found.

"The general public in Yemen is seeking a transfer of power to the vice president," Gen. Ali Mohsen al-Ahmer said in an exclusive interview with CNN. "This is a principle that we must follow because there are agreements that sides have signed and it is compulsory that all sides agree on its specifics; not change its points."

Ahmer, a leading Yemeni military leader who defected to the opposition in March, told CNN that the Yemeni people want full implementation of an agreement written by the Gulf Cooperation Council that would push out Saleh and hold elections for a new government.

Ahmer also called for the United States, the European Union an the GCC to pressure Saleh to step down.



From Nic Robertson, CNN



July 5, 2011

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