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Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger has California's economy terminated

Arnold Schwarzenegger 69%

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Iconic bodybuilder, actor and politician Arnold Schwarzenegger is having really bad times now. The population of California rejected his package to balance the budget in the economically stricken state. A huge ‘black hole’ - $15 billion - appeared in the budget of California. The Californian electorate is seriously concerned about their governor.

Over 60 percent of the voters rejected five of the six budget proposals on the ballot as a result of the special election held on May 20. A sixth proposal, which bars pay increases for state officials, received the support of 74 percent of the voters.

Mr. Schwarzenegger decided to fire 5,000 state officials last week. The governor said that the spending on this category of citizens had to be cut. In addition, the Terminator decided to put up for auction a theme park, the San Quentin state prison and Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum stadium. Schwarzenegger also put forward an initiative to have a three-billion-dollar cut on education making the school year five days shorter.

Many US newspapers wrote that Schwarzenegger had never been able to find a. way out of the crisis during his governorship. The deficit of the state budget already makes up $15 billion and may soon reach $21.3 billion.


by Sergey Balmasov

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