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Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party – Iraq

Iraq's Baath Party Denies Links to Al Qaeda

Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party – Iraq 47%

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The Iraqi Ba'ath party denied in an Internet statement having any links to al Qaeda following rumors that some of the brutal operations undertaken by the group were carried out in cooperation with the Ba'ath party.

"Our party has never had any relation with what's known as al Qaeda, not before the occupation nor after," the statement said. "As a matter of fact, many of our men and cadres have been victims of assassinations and kidnappings carried out by this group because of their rejection of the sectarian ideology that was introduced to Iraq upon the advent of the occupation," it added.

The Ba'ath Party also criticized the way al-Qaeda has been doing business in Iraq, saying that they were criminal gangs, working in collaboratin with the American, Zionist and Iranian intelligence present in Iraq.



June 2, 2009

Posted by CBS News Investigates


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