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Benjamin Netanyahu

Netanyahu may be forced to attack Iran

Benjamin Netanyahu 17%

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In what has become somewhat of a tradition for incoming prime ministers on their first day in office, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu visited the Western Wall and spoke with the US president on Wednesday - not necessarily in that order.

Barack Obama, currently on his first overseas trip as president, phoned Netanyahu in the early morning hours Wednesday, and congratulated him on his first day in office. Obama, according to Olmert's office, made clear that US support for Israel's security was unwavering, and wished him well.

According to Netanyahu's office, the conversation lasted close to 30 minutes, and was held in a "friendly" atmosphere. The two agreed to meet in the near future, though no date was given.

While there has been much speculation that Netanyahu would make his maiden trip as prime minister to Washington for the AIPAC policy conference in the beginning of May, this has not been confirmed, and he may postpone the trip for a few weeks so his team can complete a policy review.

Netanyahu said in the interview that he supported Obama's policy of engaging Iran, as long as it would bring to an end Teheran's nuclear program. "How you achieve this goal is . ess important than achieving it," he said. He also said that he thought the Iranians were still susceptible to economic pressure.



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