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Kelly Ayotte

GOP's Kelly Ayotte stresses 'meaningful debt reduction;'...

Kelly Ayotte 61%

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I’m Kelly Ayotte, the newly-elected senator from New Hampshire.

The arrival of a new year brings a renewed sense of optimism and purpose -- an opportunity to take stock of the year just passed while looking forward to the promise of new beginnings.

For Republicans, the start of the 112th Congress on Wednesday will mark the opening of a new chapter for our country and our party. We’re keenly aware that the American people are relying on us to change business as usual in Washington -- and we’re well-positioned to do just that.

In the House, 87 new Republican members are set to make John Boehner the next Speaker -- putting Republicans in charge of the chamber. And in the Senate, 13 new Republican senators will give us greater say in the Democrat-controlled Senate.

The American people sent us to Congress with clear instructions: make....

...government smaller, not bigger. And stop spending money we don’t have on programs that aren’t working.

It’s now our responsibility to carry out the will of the people.

Americans across the country have been taking time to declare their ‘New Year’s resolutions.’ It’s an opportunity to clarify goals and make productive plans for the future.
Source: Los Angeles Times

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