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Mohammad Qasim Fahim

Marshal Fahim Asks For Further Cooperation Of UNHCR

Mohammad Qasim Fahim 43%

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Kabul (BIA)  Acting president Marshal Mohammad Qasim Fahim first vice-president of Afghanistan in his meeting with the UNHCR commissioner praised the cooperation of this organization in coordination of affairs pertaining to refugees and displaced in Afghanistan and Pakistan and asked for its further cooperation in this respect. 


At this meeting Marshal Fahim expressed his sympathies over the death of three employees of UNHCR in Kandahar and added that Afghanistan considering its needs requires more assistance in refugee and displaced spheres and this can be coordinated with the regional countries. 


The UNHCR commissioner assured of further cooperation and assistance and its assistance will also be provided to the displaced people as well. 


Minister of Refugees and Repatriates was also present at the meeting. 


According to another report, Marshal Fahim met with General Commander of ISAF John Allen during which he noted that security situation is improving in the country and added that the Afghan security forces by attaining combat training and experience are now stand against the enemies of the country with bravery and soon they will undertake the security responsibility in some other parts of the country as well. 




29 Jun 2012

Read full article: www.bakhtarnews.com.af


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