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Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi to seniors group: "We will preserve Medicare"

Nancy Pelosi 22%

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While Republicans were getting bashed Tuesday in their home districts for threatening Medicare, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was in full pander bear mode to seniors in her home district Tuesday afternoon.

Just heard The Min Leader tell the Aging in America convention here in SF that "many of the core initiatives for America's seniors are in jeopardy."

As in: The Republican budget proposal, the Min Leader said, which "ends Medicare as we know it. It makes the wrong choices," she said, "while it gives big tax breaks to big oil."

Seniors would have to pay roughly $6,000 a year more if they had to obtain medical coverage through a private insurer, Pelosi said. But "we" -- presumably fellow House Dems -- will fight attacks to the new health care act passed a year ago "and we will preserve Medicare."

Pelosi worked this crowd well -- it is a gathering of people who work on aging issues/policy and work with seniors -- and made sure they knew who their are pals in DC.

She said people often ask her, "Why don't you find the middle ground?...I agree. But is that middle ground splitting the difference" -- like asking seniors to only pay a few more thousand dollars a year?

"I say we shouldn't be seeking the middle ground to split the difference. We should be seeking a higher ground" to the higher values of protecting health care for seniors, she said.

Posted By: Joe Garofoli, April 26 2011

Source: SFGate

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