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Partido de la Esperanza

PDC mayor expelled from El Salvador

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The Christian Democratic Party (PDC) of El Salvador drove this Wednesday (09/06) from their ranks the controversial mayor of the eastern city of San Miguel , Will Salgado , amid an internal crisis for the selection of candidates for deputies to elections in 2012.

Salgado's purge came after two lawmakers with the PDC, Francis Zablah and Juan Carlos Mendoza, accused the leaders, including Ana Guadalupe Martinez, to be promoting aspiring deputies behind him.

The general secretary of the PDC, Rep. Rodolfo Parker said at a news conference that the removal of the mayor of San Miguel was due more for having offended Martinez, which is an insult to women in El Salvador.

According to Parker, the extreme measure against Salgado was made after a board meeting of the PDC, which evaluated the statements made yesterday by the mayor and the two legislators.

"There were insults" by the three politicians, Parker said, but "we can forgive you, but I can not forgive the leadership of the party and Rodolfo Parker is an offense to women in El Salvador and to the Christian Democratic woman."

"Mayor Will Salgado has been expelled from the PDC," said Parker, while rejecting the leader and MP for the ruling Frente Farabundo Marti para la Liberacion Nacional (FMLN), Siegfried Reyes takes part in the internal conflict as they would be proposing.

For the two legislators, the Secretary of PDC did not elaborate on what his future.

The PDC is a minority right-wing party with five seats in Congress and was tradition to support the Nationalist Republican Alliance (Arena) in the 20 year rule which ended in May 2009.

Local media say that there would be the intention of the three ally dissatisfied with the division of the Arena, the Grand National Alliance (GANA) party recently registered by the Electoral Tribunal.

However, party leaders refused to have conversations Earn some disgruntled politicians, however said the doors are open to anyone who wants to join the new political right.

The internal crisis also reached Earn by changes within the newly created group, then the head fraction, Mario Tenorio, admitted some differences and even accept to leave your head.

According to accounts, would drain leaders or representatives from Ghana to the PDC and vice versa.



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