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Popularity of Mongolia

YUSMADI YUSOFF: We must beg apologize from Mongolian people

Popularity of Mongolia, I like 49%


The biggest team of delegates to the recently-concluded 19th annual meeting of Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum held in Ulaanbaatar City, was Malaysian parliament team. It is fact that the ties between Mongolia and Malaysia has deterred after a Mongolian woman Altantuya Shaariibyy was murdered in Malaysia.


 As we know top profile officials of Malaysia including present Prime Minister who was then-defense minister and some top police officials, were involved in the murder case.

Such a high-level visit has not been made to Mongolia since the Altantuya murder.

The Government of Malaysia has not begged apologizes from Mongolian people and said “Sorry” for the murder of Mongolian citizen and Mongolian people are wondering why? To get answer to this question and others, we had a chance to talk for a while with Lawyer Yusmadi Yusoff, Malaysian opposition member of parliament.

By the way, our deep gratitude to Mrs.Oyun, who helped to meet Yusmadu Yusoff during a lunch break of the forum. I should note here that some Malaysian dlegates openly avoided to meet Mongolian journalists about this subject.



Source: ubpost.mongolnews.mn


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