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Популарност на Македонија

Macedonia: Sackings And Media Closures Alarm Journalists ‎

Популарност на Македонија, Ми се допаѓа 49%


Macedonia’s main journalists’ union on Friday urged members to protest following news that two journalists were sacked from the Utrinski Vesnik daily after having taken part in a protest strike last week against announced staff lay-offs.

The management has not commented on the reasons for the sackings. But the union said it suspected it was part of a growing crack-down on journalists and media seen as critical of Nikola Gruevski’s centre-right government.

This is “a terrifying message”, which shows that “any attempt to show discontent or just speak out publicly can result in a swift reaction”, the head of the union, Tamara Causidis, said.

Last Sunday, the daily newspaper, owned by Germany’s WAZ, came out with a slimmed down edition after 40 journalists down tools, opposing announced lay-offs.

The daily is one of three in the country owned by WAZ and is the only one of the three with a critical political attitude.



By Sinisa Jakov Marusic



July 4, 2011

Writen by: Balkan Insight

Read full article: www.eurasiaview.com


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