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Georgian Labour Party

Georgian Labor Party Accuse Saakashvili of Anti-Semitism

Georgian Labour Party 44%


Georgian Labor Party indicts President Saakashvili for anti-Semitism. As one of the Party leaders George Gugava stated at a press conference today, Saakashvili’s attitude towards Jewish counterparts is the same as it was in Nazi Germany . According to Gugava, it has primarily been revealed in the fact that Saakashvili killed the famous Maecenas Badri Patarkatsishvili and arrogated his property. Later on he lured influential Jewish businessmen from Israel and imprisoned them with the goal of extortion on October 14, 2010 in Batumi.


The Labor Party members state that these facts are not only criminal ones, but they insult the 26 century-old cordial relations between the countries. 
Georgia’s Labor Party denounces the Jewish businessmen imprisonment and calls for their immediate release.


The trial of Fuks and Frenkel is on in Tbilisi City Court. They have been suspected in suborning Deputy Finance Minister of Georgia.

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17 January 2011

Source: georgianjournal.ge


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