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Sanjaagiin Bayar

Message from Mongolian PM Sanjaagiin Bayar

Sanjaagiin Bayar 45%


My visit to China, at the invitation of Premier Wen Jiabao, has a significance quite beyond its timing. It coincides with celebrations for the 60th Anniversary of the People's Republic of China - six decades of hard, but prolific labor, resulting in the astonishing reality that is Modern China.

This historic path, in my opinion, demonstrates the impact of Chinese wisdom and innovation in all aspects of human living and learning, whether in the spheres of politics, economy or the arts.

We are also celebrating the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relationships between Mongolia and China. Good neighborliness and lasting friendship have long been the mainstay of Mongolian-Sino relations. These bilateral ties have rapidly broadened and deepened over the last 20 years and now have the potential to develop still further in the years to come.

Trade and economic exchanges have increased dramatically in recent years. China is now both Mongolia's largest trading partner and its most significant foreign investor.

In addition to this wide-ranging economic cooperation, culture, education, sc. ence, defense and tourism are all areas that have benefited from our bilateral exchange programs.





Source: China Daily

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