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Tony Abbott

Tony Abbott tips anti-gay marriage party line to stay

Tony Abbott 58%

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Malcolm Turnbull wants Tony Abbott to grant a conscience vote. Picture: Kym Smith The Australian COALITION MPs may have to cross the floor to exercise a conscience vote, with Opposition Leader Tony Abbott indicating the coalition will hold the party line against gay marriage.


Liberal frontbencher Malcolm Turnbull has asked Mr Abbott to allow coalition MPs a conscience vote.


''My view is there should be a conscience vote,'' he told ABC Radio today.


Prime Minister Julia Gillard has also appealed to Mr Abbott to allow a conscience vote on the issue when a private member's bill is presented to the parliament with the aim of changing the Marriage Act early next year.


''For some people this is about their most deeply-held aspirations for their own lives,'' she told reporters in Canberra.



Malcolm Turnbull wants Ton Abbott to grant a conscience vote. Picture: Kym Smith The Australian


Read more: Herald Sun (December 06, 2011)

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