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Vladimir Putin

Critique of system created by Mr Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin 12%

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Delivering a rare critique of the political and economic system created by Mr Putin, Igor Yurgens accused the prime minister of abandoning reforms that he had embarked upon in 2000 at the outset of his presidency. 

In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, Mr Yurgens said Mr Putin had put power in the hands of a small ruling elite, creating an energy-dependent model that was beginning to creak as the financial crisis began to weaken Russia.

The present system shows signs of overextension," Mr Yurgens said. "It shows signs of over centralisation and fragility because it is based not on institutions but on the mythological vertical of power.

"The reform process stumbled halfway. We have to push very hard to restart those reforms otherwise we will not be ready to catch up with the G8. We will remain on the level of leading emerging nations."

An increasingly influential figure in Russia, Mr Yurgens' comments . ill be taken as further evidence of a rift between Mr Putin and Mr Medvedev.


By Adrian Blomfield

See Telegraph 

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