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Colin Barnett

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An Australian politician. The 29th Premier of Western Australia since 2008.
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Colin Barnett - para

Colin Barnett - contra
para31contra   In my opinion Colin Barnett is quite good politician. For instance, because ... (if I wanted to write why, I wrote it here), positive
para4contra   Don't close Riverside Drive your ignorant little politician!!, jack48
para33contra   I do not agree. Colin Barnett is bad choice. For instance, because ... (if I wanted to write why, I wrote it here), negative
para5contra   Premier Barnett has failed to acknowledge public opinion with regard to the Perth Foreshore development plan which is badly flawed. Col, Levison
para4contra   Lets get back to the drawing board,your arrogant attitude on the foreshore development is beyond belief., marilyn
para2contra   Sending the police in force into Broome was a political use of public resources, kimberleykoori
para2contra   Stop bullying the process and leave the Kimberley alone. let Woodside pipe to the Pilbara, bamboowade
para2contra   Mr Barnett needs to listen to the average person more and stop reprsenting the interests of big business over struggling households and sovereign people., Colinmallett
para2contra   He is arrogant, extremely stubborn, and either won't or can't listen to reason., mycle1
para2contra   I am horrified by his agreement to the highrise development plan for our beautiful Swan River, once again panding to developers rather than the actual benefit to the city., janmcf
para2contra   Arrogant and rotten to the core. Do you really think you can go against 'the people' to the extent that you currently are??? Well you cannot!, sandramkelly
para2contra   I was all for Barnett but his autocratic obsession with handing WA to developers sickens me. waterfront, high rise cottesloe,Scqrborough, councils etc, noelhowieson
para2contra   The Liberals transport policy is appalling. They want to close the Tier 3 grain lines and also use trucks to get freight to Fremantle Port., Barry
para2contra   WA requires a state government that will take care of the people. I am sick of people having to live on the streets. He is better than the rest of us., brettglen1
para1contra   He is only interested in the short term profits of the construction and resources sectors. Has no interest in sustainability or t, Leisha

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