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Ismail Khan

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Jamiat-e Islami
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محمد اسماعیل‌خان - para

سیاست‌مدار برجستهٔ افغان. | An Afghan politician and former mujahideen commander known as 'Lion of Herat'. The Minister of Water and Energy since 2005.
 NO! محمد اسماعیل‌خان

محمد اسماعیل‌خان - contra

اینجا را کلیک کنید، اگر شما این شخصیت سیاسی را پشتیبانی نمی کند. می گویند به همین دلیل. | Click, if you do not support Ismail Khan. Say why.

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FAR: محمد اسماعیل‌خان از فرماندهان مجاهدین افغانستان در سالهای جنگ علیه نیروهای شوروی و طالبان، والی (استاندار) پیشین هرات و در حال حاضر، سرپرست وزارت انرژی در دولت حامد کرزی رئیس جمهور افغانستان است. فراتر از یک وال اسماعیل خان در حوزه غرب افغانستان، حاکمیتی نسبتاً مستقل از مرکز ایجاد کرده بود. او در راس تشکیلاتی که امارت عمومی حوزه جنوب غرب می‌خواند، افزون بر هرات، بر ولایتهای همسایه آن مانند بادغیس، غور، فراه و نمیروز هم تسلط ...
para33contra   In my opinion Ismail Khan is quite good politician. For instance, because ... (if I wanted to write why, I wrote it here), positive
para32contra   I do not agree. Ismail Khan is bad choice. For instance, because ... (if I wanted to write why, I wrote it here), negative
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para محمد اسماعیل‌خان

Afghanistan Stands as a World Leader in Opium ‎

The 'heirs' of Warlords like Dostum Abdul Rashin, Atta Muhammad, Gul Agha Sherzai, Ismail Khan and Harji Bashar are now the controllers of the business in which government figures are included as well as foreign specialists who act as security guards and NATO military A little more than 10 years after the invasion of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), Afghanistan is still the main generator of opium with calculations estimated just over 90 percent of world production. ... The 'heirs' of Warlords like Dostum Abdul Rashin, Atta Muhammad, Gul Agha Sherzai, Ismail Khan and Harji ...

Ismail Khan, Dubbed 'The Worst' By US, Won't Be Replaced, Karzai Says

WASHINGTON — Afghan President Hamid Karzai refused to remove a former warlord from atop the energy and water ministry despite U.S. pressure to oust the minister because Washington considered him corrupt and ineffective. Secret diplomatic records showed the minister – privately termed "the worst" by U.S. officials – kept his perch at an agency that controls $2 billion in U.S. and allied projects. ... But U.S. aid to Afghanistan has continued despite the dispute over the former warlord, Ismail Khan. U.S. Ambassador Karl Eikenberry pressured Karzai to remove Khan, a ...

Ismail Khan backtracks on energy promise

(Quqnoos)-THE government is spending $100 million to sort out Kabul’s electricity shortages—enough to alleviate 70 per cent of existing problems, the minister for water and energy, Ismail Khan, has said.His assessment appears to contradict a promise made last month that Kabulis would have 24-hour electricity by the end of January.Khan made his remarks as engineers completed the first phase of work on a new substation at Bat Khak, to the east of the city. German power company Siemens will spend the next 18 months installing generators at a total cost of $10 million.The 80 megawatt ...

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