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Julia Gillard

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An Australian politician. A member of the Australian Parliament for Lalor since 1998.
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Julia Gillard - para

Julia Gillard - contra
para29contra   In my opinion Julia Gillard is quite good politician. For instance, because ... (if I wanted to write why, I wrote it here), positive
para7contra   Totally out of touch with the electorate. People are tired of promises without detail, failure to deliver and spin. Her trip to Western Sydney was a total failure as is her Govt., Kate3015
para7contra   Poor grasp of basic economics. Lectures without debate.Dishonest, untrustworthy and uncouth.A total shudder!, Aitchotwo
para5contra   Go to the people immidiately - get a mandate (if you can) then implement your policies! Most of your policies are totally wrong., frolly
para2contra   incompetent along with all her other cronies, Keith
para2contra   Another failure as a Politician !, dirtyannie
para1contra   It's time to step aside for Kevin Rudd - our rightful PM!!!!!, marga23
para1contra   After the debacle of yesterday you should have done the right by Australia & called the election early. Another 6mths of division will be disastrous, Kate3015
para1contra   Does not listen to the people at all. Is an atheist., craigdalejohn
para1contra   how soon till Bill Shorten takes over from this incompetent actor??, charles
para1contra   Doesn't have a firm grip of policy matters - especially economic matters. Seems to be unaware that Australia is suffering from the "Dutch Disease"., charles
para1contra   she does not understand how businesses have to survive to create employment. Just like unions all they do is take take and never give back. Only interest is their pockets., thewhitefamily

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