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Li Yuanchao

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2013年3月当选中华人民共和国副主席。 / Vice President of the People's Republic of China.
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按一下,如果你不支持李源潮。说为什么。 / Click, if you do not support Li Yuanchao. Say why.

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中文简介: 李源潮(1950年11月20日-),原名李援朝,江苏涟水人,中共第十六届中央候补委员,第十七届、第十八届中共中央政治局委员、十七届中共中央书记处书记。曾任中共江苏省委书记、中共中央组织部部长。2013年3月当选中华人民共和国副主席。 生平 - 早年经历 李源潮于1950年11月生于江苏涟水。出生时,父亲李幹成正担任中共常州地委第一副书记;文革前,李干成曾官至中共上海市委常委、上海市副市长。母親呂繼英,1911年2月26日生于沭阳吴集,是连云港地区中共党组织成立初期的党员,苏北妇女运动的先驱。 李源潮出生时抗美援朝战争爆发,父母乃为其 ...
para33contra   李源潮在我看来,是相当优秀的政治家。他有我的支持!, positive
para33contra   我反对!李源潮是相当不错的选择。我不同意他的政治观点。, negative
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李源潮忆知青生活:半夜工棚被淹 被子全湿了

核心提示:李源潮回忆起当年在这里挖河挑泥时的情景:工棚就建在海堤边,有时夜里会突然涨潮,海水一直涨到床边,被子全湿了,人要赶紧往堤上跑。兴致很高的他还让儿子当了一回“挑河工”。 本文摘自《都市快报》2013年3月15日第J06版,作者:佚名,原题为《李源潮:从中学教师到国家副主席》 “当干部要有敬畏之心,要敬畏历史、敬畏百姓,让自己做的事对得起养育我们的人民。”“严肃查处 ...

Li Yuanchao: 'Don't let the people down'

"As an official, one should show reverence for history, people and life and let what he has done lives up to the expectations of the people," Li Yuanchao once said to officials. Li, a member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), was elected vice president of the People's Republic of China at the first session of the 12th National People's Congress (NPC) on Thursday. "Supervision of power by the people is most effective, thorough and meticulous. The system of democratic, legal and discipline supervision, as well as supervision through ...

Vice-president Li Yuanchao draws subdued welcome

Lacklustre welcome for Li Yuanchao perhaps reflects his less elevated status than predecessor Yesterday's announcement that Li Yuanchao, a top ally of former president Hu Jintao , had been appointed vice-president was a much more low-key affair than when Xi Jinping, the new president, got the job five years ago. Li, who failed to land a seat on the Communist Party's powerful Politburo Standing Committee last year, received tepid applause before sitting down somewhat awkwardly after bowing, blank-faced, to around 2,600 National People's Congress deputies in the Great Hall of the People in ...

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