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Liu Yandong

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现任中華人民共和國國務院副總理,也是国务院历史上第四位女副总理。 / Vice Premier of the People's Republic of China, and is the eldest member of the Politburo of the CPC.
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按一下,如果你不支持刘延东。说为什么。 / Click, if you do not support Liu Yandong. Say why.

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中文简介: 刘延东(1945年11月-),江苏南通人;中国共产党及中华人民共和国的主要领导人之一;吉林大学行政学院政治学理论专业毕业,法学博士。1964年7月加入中国共产党,是中共第十七、十八届中央政治局委员,是继邓颖超之后,中共第二位连任的女政治局委员。现任中華人民共和國國務院副總理,也是国务院历史上第四位女副总理。 从政经历 1964年,刘延东考入清华大学工程化学系学习;在校期间,曾担任政治辅导员。自1970年,她先后在唐山开平化工厂和北京化工实验厂工作。1980年,调入中共北京市委组织部工作,正式走上仕途;1981年,出任中共北京市朝 ...
para33contra   刘延东在我看来,是相当优秀的政治家。她有我的支持!, positive
para33contra   我反对!刘延东是相当不错的选择。我不同意她的政治观点。, negative
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新华社刘延东特稿:家庭幸福 丈夫豁达 育有一女

摘要:刘延东是继吴仪之后新中国的第4位女副总理,还是第一位两届女政治局委员、中央统战部第一位女部长、全国青联第一位女主席。 2012年9月10日下午,刘延东来到北京师范大学看望师生,祝贺北师大建校110周年。 新华社发 中国最高国家权力机关——全国人民代表大会16日根据新任国务院总理李克强的提名,决定了4位副总理,他们分别是张高丽、刘延东、汪洋、马凯;决定了5位国务委员,他们分别是杨晶、 ...

Liu Yandong: The woman who charmed China

She was born to Communist party royalty, the closed circle of senior officials who have carved up money and influence in China between them. But as a woman she has still had to battle against the odds as she sought to reach the upper echelons of power. On Saturday, however, Liu Yandong was appointed one of China's four vice-premiers - making her not only the most powerful woman in the government, but also one of the most powerful in the world. Her portfolio has yet to be disclosed, but Liu, 67, will be responsible for the day-to-day running of a large swathe of the world's emerging ...

China’s New Woman, Liu Yandong, finds room at the top

Liu Yandong is the fifth-ever female member of the powerful Politburo, and many see her as one of the best hopes for reform in China. She’s no Margaret Thatcher, handbagging her way to the top. But the lady known as Liu — China’s Liu Yandong — is the new forward-looking female face of the elite Politburo, an institution famous for its uptightness but creaking slowly toward change. China’s new leaders take their seats in the next two weeks, at the end of the National People’s Congress. Outgoing Premier Wen Jiabao has already left the public stage, but ...

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