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Martín Torrijos Espino

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Un político panameño. | A Panamanian politician and a former President of the Republic of Panama.
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ESP: Martín Torrijos Espino (Chitré, Provincia de Herrera, 18 de julio de 1963) es un político panameño. Fue el 48.º presidente constitucional de la República de Panamá, durante el período 2004-2009. Está casado con Vivian Fernández de Torrijos, con quien forma un hogar integrado además, por sus hijos Daniella María, Martín Omar y Nicolás Antonio. fuente ENG: Martín Erasto Torrijos Espino (born July 18, 1963, in Chitré, Herrera) is a Panamanian politician and a former President of the Republic of Panama. The illegitimate son of Panamanian military ruler Omar Torrijos, Martín Torrijos was educated in economics and political science in the US. He then returned ...
para33contra   En mi opinión, Martín Torrijos es bastante bueno político. Por ejemplo, porque ... (si quería escribir eso, lo he escrito aquí), positive
para33contra   No estoy de acuerdo. Martín Torrijos es mala elección. Por ejemplo, porque ... (si quería escribir eso, lo he escrito aquí), negative
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Departing Martín Torrijos Gets Boost in Panama

Public support for Panamanian head of state Martín Torrijos has increased in the last year of his tenure, according to a poll by Unimer published in La Prensa. 57 per cent of respondents rate the president’s performance as excellent or good, up eight points since January. Torrijos—the son of Omar Torrijos, an army general who ruled Panama from 1968 to 1981—won the May 2004 presidential election as a candidate for the Revolutionary Democratic Party (PRD) with 47.44 per cent of the vote. In 1999, Panama regained full control of the Panama Canal, the source of 10 per cent ...

Martín Torrijos for Exemplary Transition in Panama

President of Panama Martin Torrijos said on Tuesday that the opportunity has come for an exemplary government transition in the country. In remarks to journalist at the end of a meeting with president-elect Ricardo Martinelli, Torrijos said that the future administration will be informed of ongoing and future projects. He ratified the commitment to discuss "as productively and frankly as possibly" the country's problems as the current administration transfers power to the next, "so that Panamanians' expectations can be met." Martinelli referred to common views regarding economic growth and ...

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