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Nebojša Medojević

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Ректор Покрета за промјене (ПЗП). | A politician in Montenegro. The president of Movement for Changes (Pokret za Promjene).
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Nebojša Medojević (Serbian Cyrillic: Небојша Медојевић) (born June 13, 1966 in Pljevlja, Montenegro, SFR Yugoslavia) is a politician in Montenegro. He is the president of Movement for Changes (PZP), a political party emerging from the Montenegrin NGO Group for Changes. The party seeks to promote and further the country's integration towards the European Union and supports political and economic reforms to bring it in line with "European standards". He was a member of G17 Plus.


This party maintains close ties to and is modelled after the G17 Plus organisation in Serbia. G17 Plus has made economic policy a priority in all post-October 5, 2000 coup Serbian governments either initially as NGO or later as a political party. In a 5 June 2005 article, Tim Judah described Medojević as "the most popular politician in the country."


The British Helsinki Human Rights Group described him as a "typical second-generation reformer in the mould of Georgia’s President Mikheil Saakashvili and Ukraine’s Viktor Yushchenko, both brought to power in Western-inspired ‘colour revolutions’ which saw old favourites, Eduard Shevardnadze and Leonid Kuchma cast aside." Thus, the Group predicted in June 2006 that he has been ordained as Montenegro premier Milo Đukanović's eventual successor.


In late April 2006, Medojević led a delegation of opposition politicians to the National Democratic Institute (NDI) in Washington for assistance in bringing democracy to Montenegro. The opposition politicians included some from the Socialist People's Party of Montenegro (SNP), the party that has served as Montenegro's main opposition party since Đukanović kicked its founding members out of the ruling Democratic Party of Socialists of Montenegro in 1997.


An article in a May 2006 edition of the Economist suggested that such a pro-Serbian party would have to make way for the likes of Medojević as Đukanović's main challenger, following a victory by the pro-independence bloc in the Montenegro independence refer. ndum.


Nebojša was his party's candidate in the 2008 presidential election. He came in third with nearly 17% of the vote.




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