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ESP - La República de Cuba es un país del Caribe, asentado en un archipiélago del mar de las Antillas, también conocido como mar Caribe. Su isla principal, conocida como Isla de Cuba, es la más grande de las Antillas Mayores. También forman parte del archipiélago la Isla de la Juventud (antiguamente llamada "de Pinos") y una multitud de cayos o pequeñas islas que rodean a las antes mencionadas. Al norte se encuentran Estados Unidos y Bahamas, al oeste México, al sur las Islas Caimán y Jamaica y al sudeste la isla La Española. source ENG -The Republic of Cuba (Spanish: Cuba or República de Cuba) is a country in the Caribbean. It consists of the island of Cuba (the largest and second-most populous ...
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UN Extols HDI Results in Cuba‎

UN Assistant Secretary Khalid Malik highlighted Cuba's performance regarding the Human Development Index, which measures three basic aspects-health, knowledge and income.Malik offered a press conference, accompanied by coordinator of the UN system and representative of the UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Country Director Barbara Pesce-Monteiro.Malik, who is also the new director of the Office of the PNUD's Human Development Report, said that Cuba improved its position in HDI in 2011 compared to 2010.He referred to a note of the global HDI website, according to which Cuba is the only country ...

Cuba Legalizes Car Sales After 5 Decade Ban‎

In the past, unrestricted vehicle sales were only limited to cars built before the Cuban revolution of 1959, giving the streets of Cuba a unique backdrop ofChevroletBel Airs,ChryslerImperials and Studebaker Commanders. Decades under Cuba’s communist regime had prevented its people from purchasing land or new automobiles but finally, a new law legalizing the sale and purchase of any model and any year of cars for all citizens will take effect this Sunday. Cubans will also be allowed ownership of more than one car. The new laws are passed in hopes to shift a free-market reform, allowing ...

Obama's Cold War with Cuba: the fuel Fidel needed‎

President Obama, by saying this week that he's looking for a transformation in Cuba before 'fully engaging,' ignores actual changes in Cuba and hurts US-Cuban relations, argues guest blogger Anya Landau French. President Barack Obamasaid Wednesday he's looking for a transformation on the island before "fully engaging"Cuba. His remarks actually complete something of a transformation for Mr. Obama, who went from sayingthison one campaign trail, to sayingthison the next campaign trail, to now saying stuff likethis: "Everywhere else in the world you've been seeing the democratization ...

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