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Sinclair Stevens

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The leader of the Progressive Canadian Party (PC Party) since 2007.
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ENG: Sinclair McKnight Stevens, PC (born February 11, 1927) is a Canadian lawyer, businessman and former parliamentarian. He was born in Esquesing Township (today part of Halton Hills, Ontario), the third child of Northern Irish immigrants Robert Murray Stevens and Anna Bailey McKnight. The family later moved near Kleinburg, Ontario. He attended Weston Collegiate Institute and later, the University of Western Ontario, class of 1950. He was active in the student newspaper and the model Parliament. He entered Osgoode Hall Law School, where he met his fellow student and future wife Noreen Mary Terese Charlebois. Noreen was one of just five women in their class. They graduated in 1955 and married in 1958. From his university days until he articled, he was a part-time reporter for the ...
para33contra   In my opinion Sinclair Stevens is quite good politician. For instance, because ... (if I wanted to write why, I wrote it here), positive
para6contra   Sinclair Stevens cannot be trusted in Politics or in Business. He used his control position to cause me financial harm. Sound familiar! NEVER VOTE FOR OR SUPPORT THIS SCUMBAG!, gdubya
para3contra   Sinclair Stevens, you are the worst politician in Canadian History. Do all Canadians a favor and leave the country., gdubya
para2contra   Sinclair Stevens is a liar, thief and Corrupt Politician. The Progressive Canadian Party made him their Interim Leader. NEVER, NEVER support this Party or any of its Candidates!, gdubya
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Veteran advocate joins forces with PC party

Former veterans' ombudsman Pat Strogan is joining forces with the small but insistent Progressive Canadian Party. Strogan is endorsing the PC party and its leader, Sinclair Stevens, because of the party's stance on assisting Canada's war wounded. "They want to develop a platform to eliminate the insurance company mentality that grips Veterans Affairs Canada." said Strogan. The office of the veterans' ombudsman was created by the Conservative government, but Strogan's contract was allowed to lapse last fall. The retired colonel slammed the door on his way out, accusing the Conservatives of ...

Stevens, Baxter see by-election as a ‘referendum on govern.'

King resident, The Honourable Sinclair Stevens, Leader of the Progressive Canadian Party (PC Party) and Party President, the Rev. Dorian Baxter, PC Party candidate in the March 19 Toronto-Danforth by-election, stressed that the byelection is in a very real sense a referendum on the Harper government of national importance. “We are seeing the same contempt of parliament which led to the May 2 general election. We are seeing that with a majority, the Harper government believes it has a strong mandate to do whatever it wishes without regard for Parliament, proposing to change how this ...

Sinclair Stevens is at it again

Former Conservative Cabinet Minister in bungled black-op A bunch of my fellow bloggers are abuzz about new shenanigans from former Mulroney-era Cabinet Minister Sinclair Stevens. Mr. Stevens detested the Reform Party and the Canadian Alliance, waged a (sometimes dirty) war to prevent the merger of the CA and the Progressive Conservatives and has a massive hate-on for Stephen Harper, the Leader of the united Conservative Party. So it is no surprise that he reared his head last week as it appeared Canadians might be heading to the polls sooner rather than later. The latest weapon in his war ...

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