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Stephen Harper

* O primeiro-ministro
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The current Prime Minister of Canada and leader of the Conservative Party. | L'actuel Premier ministre du Canada et chef du Parti conservateur.
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Click, if you do not support Stephen Harper. Say why. / / Cliquez, si vous ne soutenez pas ce candidat. Dire pourquoi.

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para42contra   In my opinion Stephen Harper is quite good politician. For instance, because ... (if I wanted to write why, I wrote it here), positive
para11contra   The man is a hypocrite in saying one thing and doing the direct opposite from proroguing Parliament to stacking the Senate., davidpstone
para9contra   He doesn't care about Canadians, he'd sell our nation out if he felt it suited him! He raised income tax to lower the GST then removed the income tax increase to appear the hero!, Lucifer
para4contra   This man is not only bad for Canada but a devious right wing extremeest! He does not care about honest decent Canadians and is only interested in advancing HIS right wing hypocracy, meaneyme1
para3contra   CHANGER LE SENAT on a besoin des senateurs(rices) élu de chaque province avec un nombre equal de chaque province. Dans ce facon notre gouvernement sera vraiment democratique!, meghan
para3contra   What politicians in Canada have forgot is that the voting public are not stupid mindless sheep who believes everything that they are told. This isn't Jonestown., thomas
para2contra   Harper is Bilderberg; 9/11 is a fraud; banking system is a fraud; Harper & Co are complicit and guilty of crimes against humanity - even BBC TV doc shows AlQaedo does not exist., Greenprint
para2contra   Harper is the worst Cdn PM EVER. He is destroying our country by increments. WAKE UP Canada!, tgartner
para1contra   What interest does Canada have in Ukraine. What possible explanation can be given for sending the military police. Why does he condone the US policy of War with Russia?, nowhereman
para1contra   Hitler seemed to care more about his people than this vile corporate agenda driven monster., wakeup
para1contra   For dropping the ball on moral issues such as abortion... Conservatives are the lesser of the evils., stillthinkinggal
para0contra   He doesn't care about the people of Canada. He is only out for himself, Suzie

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