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جبهه ملی افغانستان | The Afghanistan National Front (ANF) or Jabh-e Melli is a reformation of parts of the military wing of the United Front.
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کلیک کنید، اگر شما این حزب سیاسی را پشتیبانی نمی کند. بگو چرا. | Click, if you do not support the Afghanistan National Front. Say why.

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Afghanistan Gets Another New Political Party

Hundreds of supporters have welcomed the official launch of Afghanistan's newest political party, which lists former Vice President Ahmad Zia Masud and anti-Taliban militia leaders Mohammad Mohaqiq and General Abdul Rashid Dostum as its key leaders. The founding charter of Jabha-e Milli-e Afghanistan (National Front of Afghanistan) was unveiled at a gathering in a Kabul hotel. The party pledges to promote national unity, democracy, the rule of law, and reforms in the country. One of its major objectives is to change Afghanistan's present presidential system into a parliamentary democracy, ...

The National Front in Afghan Politics: An Exploratory Study

The Jabhe-e-Melli or the National Front (NF) is largely considered inconsequential in Afghan politics. It is often dismissed as a loose mlange of elements from the former United Front or the Northern Alliance, some ex-communists, and former royalists, which is bound to wither away sooner than later. The Front is said to represent the interests of a political class which is disgruntled with the politics and the policies of President Hamid Karzai, and which is struggling to preserve its erstwhile status and relevance in the power politics of Afghanistan. The article posits that the NF, with ...

National Coalition vs National Front: 2 opposition alliances put Jamiat in a ...

... dilemma And yet another opposition alliance, but not a really new one. Before Christmas, Dr Abdullah Abdullah extended his own Hope and Change alliance with a few more political parties and politicians. It was renamed the National Coalition of Afghanistan (NCA). Apparently, Abdullah is trying to make it look more like a real coalition and less a one-man show. But, more significantly, it will rather contribute to more confusion than clarity: Shedding its unmistakable old name for a rather unexciting one, it will be confused with the new National Front of Afghanistan (NFA) launched a few ...

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